OxyCube Version Demo

Synchronize your smartphone with your PC and manage it wisely

Modern smartphones are basically computers. We keep content on them, perform task, save files and much more. The problem is we also do it on our home or office PC, risking duplicate content, working on a former version of a document and any number of other examples of inefficiency.
In order to avoid such annoyances, OxyCube provides a great platform for synchronizing your smartphone with your PC and for managing your smartphone content and settings.
OxyCube sports a simple and easy to use interface which makes performing relevant tasks intuitive and convenient and which makes gaining access to your phonebook, organizer, messages, event log and files quick and easy.
Phonebook features are enhanced with the ability to add additional fields and memory optimization functions. Events can be viewed on different time periods (day, week and month). Other features enable you to manage messages in an Outlook-like interface, export data to various formats or to directly print it.
OxyCube is an essential tool for people who use their smartphones as a means of facilitating their work of conducting business.
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